Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, the famous Book turned movie sensation has been released on DVD and we just HAD to celebrate.

Some of the other med student wives got together and I rented a copy. Two of the other girls hadn't even seen it yet AND one of them hadn't read the book.
One of the other girls made these absolutely adorable cupcakes in honor of the film.I am a little compulsive with party food. There were only four of us but we had quite the spread. All things RED and decadent. Cherry Cola, Cherry 7-up, red grapes, watermelon, apples, pink fruit dip, twizzlers bites, chocolate covered strawberries, apple cupcakes, and my "Bella Bites" that I'lll explain below.

These are my new favorite treat. They are amazing! Jason is totally addicted. I got the recipe off of Pioneer Woman's website and she got it from Bakerella. (ahh the blog world!)
Here's the cheesy stretch of an explanation I gave the girls.

THESE are "Bella Bites". They have the white chocolate drizzles to represent the purity and innocence of Bella paired with the darkness that is Edward Cullen. Then the inside is the deep red of red velvet cake. I'm sure you can guess what that represents. Mwa ha ha ha!!!!!
Cheesy right? But, Oh so tasty!
(Explanation to be found later on my other blog TERYN'S TREATS)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Children's Museum

We went to the museum again today- I know TWO days in a row! How awsome is that! We are really getting edgumacated.

This time I tried to make an extra effort to hand the camera over and get in there WITH Zach. One of my friends had blogged about realizing she wasn't in any pictures and then overcoming the innate desire we women have to hide BEHIND the camera. These are supposed to be memories- I was there too!
We went fishing for a good while this time. Zach was actually pretty good at guiding the fishing pole to the fish where the magnet would snatch them up. He was always so excited when he actually got one.

We also tried the sand box.
Thank you Whitney for playing Photographer for me today!

Gardening Season

What happens when you plant a garden and then get pregnant?
You get 2 years worth of garden gone BAD!

Zack and I went out the other day because it was nice and sunny (it's been raining ever since) and tried to clean it all out. The crazy part was that a bunch of the plants I had put out there two years ago had actually seeded and spread. Thereby taking over the garden. I how have a whole bunch of strawberries and garlic sprouts. Strange combination right? I'm now trying to decide if I should pull them all out and start fresh or just try to plant around them- which would unfortunatley result in an expremely strange set up I do have to say.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Children's Museum

Today was our first day using our new Children's Museum pass. We went with our friends Melinda, Evelyn, and Lizzy and all of us had a BLAST!

First we played with this neat river obstacle course. You drop the golf boll into a "log" at the top and then it rolls down a pin-ball like course of sticks and stones untill it reaches a dam at the bottom. Zach sat ON the dam most of the time and giggled as the balls rolled toward him.
Then we found the slide. Zach is now confident enough to climg up the stairs and slide down ALL BY HIMSELF.

As you can tell- he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
There's my favorite crooked grin again.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tough Guy

It looks like Zach has seen his mom do her work out tapes a couple times. I love the total look of concentration.

My goodness he's growing up isn't he!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Meal!

Today we had a special treat. We went to the Children's Museum to get a FREE PASS! Horray! They actually have a special program for low income families so that thier children can enjoy the benefits of the museum even though they (we) otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to get in. I hope to be going back again and again as Zach gets older. I think it will be really good for him and he just LOVED the slides.

On our way home we stopped at Mickey-D's. We still had a gift card from Chirstmas so I splurged on the chicken salad I've been craving and Zach got to enjoy his very FIRST Happy Meal.

Chicken Nuggets and Apple dippers.
And a toy OF COURSE!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book Review

Since I'm using this blog as a place to document/journal our family I thought it would be important to include Zach's favorite book.

We've reads tons of Dr. Sues Books, we have toy story, monster's in, and the incredibles. (all thanks to freecyle-wahoo!) But the one that seems to be the most requested (followed closely by Toy Story) and get the best sleep results is this one...
It's just a little paperback that I got at a Garage Sale last year for .25 cents. But Zach is always thrilled when I pull it out. Thankfully, I kinda enjoy the story too.

It's about this tiny little girl in the 1st grade who is small, has buck teeth, a voice that sounds like a duck, and is pretty clumsy sometimes. Thankfully she has a grandma with wise words of wisdom to help her stay positive. Like when she said about her buck teeth,

"Smile big and the world will smile right along side you"
And we ALWAYS do when we turn to this page. Zach gets this huge grin and then points out her teeth, her eyes and her nose- OH, and of course her ears too.

It's got really cute pictures, a rhythmic tone to it (I think that's why it appeals to Zach at such a young age) and a great positive message. (unlike poky puppy- I'll tell you about that later)

In my eyes- this book absolutely get's 5 stars. *****

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter Decor

I know, I know... Jason told me I wasnt allowed to post this kind of stuff on our family blog anymore but I was excited OK! (and to be honest I'm not sure any one really looks at the other blog-see side bar for link to Teryn's Treats)

Remember how I said earlier that I don't generally come up with my own creative ideas- I'm just really good at copying other people? Well here's a perfect example.

Easter is coming and we don't have ANY decorations so I found this great idea on Tip Junkie. She actually linked to Cindy's blog here for a tutorial.

This is what I ended up with. Horray!

OK- so I was wishing I had some fancy shiny pastel eggs (too $$) and this is my first attempt at tying a decorative bow, not to mention my ribbon didn't really match so there is definately much to be desired here. What can I say though, it's fun and at least my home will be somewhat festive for easter this year.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

So far Zach has thoroughly enjoyed his green eggs. (sorry no ham! we were out)

Teryn Original

I don't usually consider myself to be a very creative person. I always say that I'm just really good at copying other people's good ideas. (Thus my obsession with crafty blogs- as seen to the side and in the "blogs I follow")

This one though, this one I came up with myself!

I'm not saying I think NOBODY has ever done this before. I'm sure they have. I'm just saying I haven't seen them personally and so haven't copied them.

I'm actually kinda proud. (in a non-sinful kind of way of coarse)

It helps that I have a dang cute little boy! This is to celebrate 1 year and I plan on hanging it in Zach's room. This may actually be considered our first bit of real decor in our home. Art you could say- though I'm not sure I would consider myself and artist- NO WAY!

Anywhoo- that's my creation. Wa La!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Domes

Today we went to visit the Domes downtown. They are these giant domes (duh!) that house gardens from different climates of the world so that you can experience the beautiful plants from those places. They have free entrance for Milwaukee county residents on Monday mornings so we were excited to take advantace of some free fun!
It was also the last week that the Lego exhibit would be there. What could be better than trains and foliage right?

Here's the ceiling- it actually made me a little dizzy to look up at it.
Here you can see the next dome through the windows. Plus- I just liked the picture.
Zack was totally enthralled with the trains and would jump up and down pointing and grunting like a monkey whenever they came by.
Here's Chicago- Lego Style
Here's Zach literally drooling over the trains.
We saw cactus in the desert dome- these are Barrel Cacti.
We saw grapefruit, cocoa, and BANANAS in the tropical dome.
And some pretty cool flowers to.
All in all I think it was a really fun trip. Until Zach sat on his milk and it popped open spilling all over his stroller, and his bum. I guess that was our signal that it was time to go home. We both enjoyed it very much and I think we just might have to make it a regular experience.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seasons Change

Remember this picture taken not so very long ago?

Same place, same kid- totally different picture!
For one, the obvious- no more beautiful golden leaves. and lush green backdrop. Sad.
BUT! See those long shadows? and the lack of giant coat on the small child?

That means spring is here. The sun is out! The Snow is gone and we are finally outsite playing once more.

Other major difference? No more mom hiding behind the tree. Man that kid is growing up so much!

Day at the Park

It's our first trip to the park for this year and Zack is thrilled to finally get some fresh air. This was especially fun since he is old enough now to be able to really enjoy all of the joys the park has to offer.

There's the trailer:
The Swing (tons of giggles found there):

The Tube:
The Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiide!

And this neat bar that was really fun to walk along.
"You want to go home now? No way! What is this strange feeling- I found Sand!"
Despite the apparent grimace- Zack thouroghly enjoyed himself. He left little trails through the sand all around the playground and he hurried to examine each new toy.
I love spring!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Grandparents visit

(By Zack)
This last weekend my grandparents came to visit from Idaho. We were so excited. They were on a business trip and took an extra long "layover" so that they could spend a couple of days with thier youngest grandson.

First I showed them my new favorite game on the computer.
"Baby Smash"- it's a free download that locks your keyboard to only play shapes, letters and music. I love to sit nicely and play baby smash for extended periods of time. (Gives mom a nice break)

Don't you dare take away my keyboard!
Then Grandma took me for a walk around the living room.
Around and around and around... until I finally fell asleep

With my bear of course.

Grandpa wanted a picture for his wall of grandkids.


After all the fun I was so pooped I needed a nap.
We had to take Grandma and Grandpa to the airport in Chicago. It was a looooong drive but mom kept me entertained by giving me a chocolate chip granola bar to eat while I watched lion king. Dad tied our portable DVD player onto the back of the seat so that I could lounge in my chair while enjoying some great films. It was like traveling first class!

Then we got home and mom put me straight into the bath. I wonder, why the hurry?

P.S. more pics to come- we also went to the Jelly Belly factory but mom needs to find the pictures.