Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BIG things happening around here

Well, I guess things started out BIG
 But we finished off with something very small.... and very cute if I do say so myself!
p.s. I did not photoshop those lips, she really did look like she was wearing lipstick. 

The nurses knew we were coming so they made sure we would be able to locate our room. "Straight down the hall, you can't miss it."
 They also decorated inside. It was a party!
We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect delivery. Especially since we'd been planning a C-section for some time. Megan had been sitting breech from the start and was showing no interest in turning. We even tried to do External Cephalic Version to get her into position but had no luck. (honestly- it was worse than labor) Finally, Tuesday morning (the 11th), she changed her mind. I started having really regular contractions and Jason was nervous that I would go into labor with her feet first so he dragged us all into the hospital at 3:30am. He had a little hunch she may have turned but we didn't want to get our hopes up and if she hadn't turned then we wanted to play things safe. We were thrilled to find that she was finally head down and ready to go. 

On Megan's actual birthday everything was moving along, but slowly. Jason's mom was home with the boys and planned to take them to a neighbor's house just before Megan was born so that she could be there with us. Around noon a nurse checked my progress and said I was only at a 5 so we had plenty of time. Jason called his mom to give her an update and then went to walk the halls a bit and take some things to our car. Just after he walked out the door I sensed something had changed. About five minutes after the nurse had checked me, my doctor walked in. He said he didn't think he needed to check again so soon but I told him he probably should. He checked, and announced that I was complete and ready to push. 

OH NO! Jason was MIA, and I suddenly realized I didn't even have my Mother in Law's phone number to give her the heads up. I texted Jason, which he laughed about. Why not call? I don't know. I was in labor for Pete's sake! He was moseying along, clueless, when the nurses in the hall started telling him he'd better hurry.   He hadn't noticed I'd sent him a text until he was just about back. When he finally got to the room he hurried and called his mom. I tried my best to hold off pushing until she arrived. As soon she got there things went really fast. We'd been joking earlier about people sneezing their baby out. Well, a couple of pushes in I decided to clear my throat and Ta-Da! She was here. 
 She ended up being quite a bit smaller than we expected. Well... Jason had a hunch she was smaller than the ultrasounds indicated. As it turns out, she is tall, has a good sized head (just like her brothers) but her little legs are just as tiny as can be. Even though she was 20 in long and her head was 14 inches around, she only weighed 7 lb 6 oz.

The boys were pretty excited to meet their new sister. They sported "Biggest Brother" and "Big Brother" shirts and came bearing gifts. (Please excuse my crazy bed head)
 Kyle was a bit apprehensive at first as we tried to help him hold her hand.
 Truthfully, I don't think he was very impressed at all. Don't worry, he's since warmed up to her.
 Zach was bursting at the seems waiting for his turn to hold her.
We are all home and re-adjusting to life but enjoying every second with our new little princess.