Friday, June 8, 2012

We've been really enjoying our family bike rides. Even Kyle has been getting in on the pedaling action.

Kyle fell asleep on the way home from church, with his sunglasses on.... upside down.

With the beautiful summer weather, the boys have started up a new hobby. A few years back some friends of ours gave us a remote control snow mobile that they weren't using any more. It has become one of their favorite activities with dad, hanging out on the tailgate of his truck and watching the "bicycle" zoom around the yard.

We had so much fun at Zach's School family picnic. 

The boys' favorite part was the giant blow up slide. Kyle was pretty nervous about his first trip down the slide. 
 Zach just couldn't get enough.

Without any prompting from Mom, Zach decided to wait for his brother at the top so that he could give him some moral support. He took his hand, counted to three...
 And away they went!

Big Truck Day

Big Truck Day at Zach's school was quite the event. We started with enjoying a bike ride around the playground. Zach played chauffeur while Kyle grinned in the back seat. I think they went around the playground about a million times.  

 One of the favorite "big trucks" was a stretch hummer limousine. Zach's entire class fit comfortably inside. Pretty Fancy!
 After making the rounds through most of the trucks we took a break for some ice cream.
 Though I really regretted the fact that I only had 3 wipes left in my clean up arsenal. Oh Boy!
 We finished off with a visit to "Optimus Prime",
 Checked out some HUGE wheels

 And some pretend driving.

 We were pretty worn out by the end of the day but both boys had a great time.

Kyle decided to play a little game he calls "Echo Location" (Thank you Cat in the Hat). This game involved yelling "ECHO!" into the tailpipe of Jason's truck. The very dirty tailpipe.