Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today was a BIG day for us. It was Zach's first day of preschool! He has been looking forward to today for a long time. Pretty much since summer first started and he learned that next year he wouldn't be going to "Parents As Teachers" with Kyle and Mom anymore. He would be going to "Big Boy School". 

We sought out the perfect backpack, a little Transformers backpack just his size. And THEN we found out that he needed a full sized backpack. It ended up just fine though because Kyle decided the smaller backpack was perfect for him. 
 Right away this morning both boys donned their respective backpacks and ran in to tell mom they were both ready for school.
 Kyle was convinced he was going too and he was really proud to strut around the house in his "Eee Er Eu Uh" backpack. (That was my best typed impression of the sound he makes for transformers- I'll have to record it later)
 Zack got a special "Z" pancake for breakfast.
 And we, of course, had the traditional "First Day of School Photoshoot" Zach was looking Oh, So handsome.
 That's right, First Day of Preschool!
 He's growing up TOO fast.
 Such sweet brothers.
 Just had to go play for one more minute before taking off.
 We ran into our friend Evie on our way into school.
 This is one of Zach's teachers. Mrs Ladage.
 Zach read his favorite story while we waited until it was time to go to class.
 Kyle Hammed it up, jumping in front of the camera whenever we tried to take a picture of Zach.
 Zach's Classroom.
 We read "The Kissing Hand" the other night so Mom kissed Zach's hand and drew a heart around it so that he could remember.
 The kids started getting more and more anxious as the time approached to go to class.
 It was really comical to watch the teachers trying to keep all of the children in line as they walked to class. Zach, of course, took his place at the front of the line. Every few steps one of the children would try to take off a different direction and a teacher would have to guide them back into place. Finally, they successfully made it to class.
Zach's School

Zach was very brave and didn't hesitate at all as he waved goodbye to Mom and Kyle. He had a great time and came home raving about playing outside and getting to snack on chips. I guess there weren't any learning milestones of note YET, but Mom couldn't be prouder!