Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Art Museum

WARNING: This is a VERY picture heavy post.

Of course, how else can one document a visit to the art museum without tons of pictures right?
Here we are in the world famous lobby overlooking Lake Michigan. Not only is the view fantastic but the architecture is amazing.
You could see the "wings" open above if you peeked through the windows just right.

We got there early so the first hallway was completely empty which made for a pretty cool picture.
I've always loved this crazy blown glass sculpture. It sure made for some pretty neat "bokeh"- see me speaking photographer-ish?
Zach enjoyed coloring pictures in the new children's room. It was nice to find an area where we were ACTUALLY allowed to touch things.
I traced Zach on the chalkboard wall. Quite an accomplishment if you know of my phobia of chalk.
This is Zach's art. I thought he did a pretty darn good job. Great use of colors and parallel lines. : )
I made friends with the "janitor"- he didn't talk much.
This was one of my favorite rooms. I took one picture with the flash to show what the room looked like. It was basically a bunch of suspended glow sticks.
Here's my picture with the flash off. The shutter stayed open for a whole 25 seconds to get the light. I held as still as I could but I kinda like the way my slight wiggles make it all look. A bit "Matrix-y" don't you think?
I call this "Pensive Boy at the waterfront"
I call this one, "Pensive Boy at the waterfront with his Mom"
I loved how this sculpture looked with the hazy lake behind it.
And this was a whole table of blown glass sculptures that looked like a very messy dinner party.
So, there ya go. Our trip to the museum in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed it- Farewell all ye art connoisseurs. I bid thee adieu and good night.

Monday, May 25, 2009


As his Memorial day project today, Jason decided to build a sandbox for Zach. He saw a really great deal on sand at Home Depot and figured it was the perfect time. He even built a lid to cover it so that animals and leaves wouldn't get in. 
Here's Zach with his classic question hands. "Where'd my legs go?" He was pretty excited to play. Now we just need to collect us some sand toys. 
After filling his pants with sand Zach had to go on a walk with Dad to shake some sand off before I could let them both in the house again. He's getting really good at walking. We're up to 7 sturdy independent steps now!
I love watching babies walk. 
And those little legs, and that bum! I just love them to pieces. 

Holy Moly

I think we might have a future skyscraper architect on our hands. I realize that this is NOT my best photography but I was racing to get the shot. I couldn't adjust my camera settings fast enough and just after this was taken, the tower took a tumble. I almost missed it! I was actually in the kitchen and when I stepped in to check on him I found this! WOW! I promise I was NOT involved in this creation at all.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Winner Winner!

I really didn't expect much from this picture. I was just experimenting with shutterspeed to practice some of the things I've learned on this new blog. I guess it worked!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've noticed this funny trend with my son. There are certain landmarks in a child's life that mark his progress and growth. All of the big firsts. First solid foods, first sippy cup, first haircut. Periodically, a child's physician will check in on these firsts to see that said child is on track with the norms. There have been several times now that we have visited the doctor and had him ask about something only to have me look worriedly at my son wondering if he really should have been doing this particular task by that time. (example: crawling- he was slow to take the leap to mobility) The funny thing is, whenever we talk to the doctor about these benchmarks it's like a cue for Zach to suddenly decide it's time. We talked to the doctor about him not taking sippy cups- suddenly he took to them like he had always loved sippy cups. We talked to the doctor about him not sleeping through the night. Suddenly- 8:00 to 7:00- OH bliss! We even talked to him about Zach's apparent lack of interest in crawling and all of a sudden he was scooting accross the floor.

Are you wondering what our big new is yet? Have I left you in suspense long enough or did you already guess?

Well... yesterday was another doctor's appointment and we visited over all of the expected benchmarks. Stacking blocks- check! Finger feeding or using utinsels- check! Using tools for thier correct purpose- check! Following instructions- check! (still in suspense?) Walking and Talking? NO CHECK!!!! So we talked about some possible solutions, even checking into some physical therapy. He was ahead of the curve on everything except walking and talking- something you would think would be the basics. Our doctor wasn't too nervous about the speech stuff because Zach is actually really good at communicating non-verbally. He has some signs that we've taught him and our doc said that was great! It was more the walking that he said we might want to get some help for.

SO... right on cue with our past experiences Zach finally decided it was time to take the leap. Of course the day AFTER our check up. This morning he found some keys that had fallen off our key rack by the door. He brought them to me giggling and said, quite clearly "KEYS!"


Then just as Jason was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work we decided to practice walking a bit. I held Zach, helped him stabalize, and then let go and WA LA! 7 whole steps to dad. I think he would have had more but they ran out of room.


Apparently Zach just has a little bit of an attitude and doesn't want to listen to his parents. Only the Doctor can tell him what to do!

I'll have to remember that when he's a teenager and wants to do something crazy. Good thing his dad will be a doctor by then right? WHEEW!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun Day!

Yesterday was community FREE day at the public museum so we picked up some friends of ours and headed off to see the sights.
(After a little bit of transportation hullabaloo we did arrive at our ultimate destination)
The butterfly room was very VERY cool. It's a very muggy, hot room chock full of butterflies. At the front of the room is a case full of cocoons and recently hatched butterflies. Some of them were giNORMOUS. Zach was fascinated.

As soon as he spotted the butterflies he was totally enthralled and kept reaching out as though he wanted to touch them.
Then I finally caught one and he was suddenly shy and after looking at the strange creature for a moment he buried his face in my shoulder.
This is one of the friends we brought with us. FANTASTIC photography skills on Andrea's part right? (I put this on here so you could download this one Andrea- very cool!)

Fun Day 2

You can't go to the museum without seeing giant prehistoric bones right?
Here's Zach sitting very still.

See those folded arms? I'm so proud. We've been working on teaching him to fold his arms during nightime prayers and the last couple of nights he has actually been doing really well.
Just as I was going to snap this picture he started to try to climb down from the "cucoon" so I said... "sit still for a second K?" and he folded his arms nicely and waited for me to take his picture. I thought it was too cute.
Zach tried really hard to help the school kids figure out how to put the butterfly puzzle. He was even picking up pieces and trying to stick them together. He had the right idea.
Eeeeeek! I do NOT like big bugs.

Fun Day 3

After tromping through the museum we took a pit stop at my house to play in the sun for a bit.
These guys were proud to stand watch together in thier tower

Here's Zach making his classic fish face.

I needed a break from pulling weeds in my soon-to-be garden (notice the mud crusted hands)
How cute is this face! (Here's another for you to download Andrea - great shot You're a natural)

Zach's first corn on the cob

I love summer and I love corn on the cob! So I thought I would let my son give it a try. He thought it was pretty fun.
He would bite in and shake his head. I think he really enjoyed it and ate quite a bit too.


We have another winner for my Mission 24 challenge. Apparently my black and white shots seem to be the most popular. It was a three way tie with 2 other really great pictures. Click on the picture in my sidebar to go check them out. I didn't think I'd ever win anything on this blog, it was more just for fun and practice but now I've won twice! Horray!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


After we had such a fun time at the zoo yesterday we decided we needed to make an investment so that we could enjoy more fun outside time without the crowds.

So... off to craigslist once more.
We found a winner! Only $25 and in nearly new condition.

Here's Zach showing us patty cake while standing on his new toy, this is "Toss it in the oven".
OR "I'm King of the Castle!"
And, of course, we can't miss a beautiful sunny day without some swing time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Zach got pretty brave today playing on the playground at the zoo.

He cautiously snuck out onto the chain bridge.
He was pretty proud of himself.
Then he figured out how to climb,
And slide sitting up.
He went on a walk with mom.
He thought she was pretty funny when she jumped up and down.

This slide was super fast!

At the end you would crash right onto the ground. That's OK though, it was kinda comfy. (Zach actually sat like this for several seconds giggling until I picked him up again.)

WHEEW! What a day!