Sunday, October 26, 2008


So, I know it's not QUITE Halloween yet but here in Wisconsin today is the day for Trick-Or-Treat and even though our little one isn't quite old enough for the candy we still just had to take part in the festivities. This is his first Halloween after all! I know- I know- we went with the old stand by baby costume. It's not the most original, I realize that. The thing is- I am a stickler for tradition. I was a pumpkin for my first Halloween. As were my sisters and my brother so why shouldn't I put my child through the same torment.
I actually tried to get my hands on the very same costume I wore as a child but alas it has been lost to storage and has yet to be retrieved. So I went on a search for a similar costume. There were TONS of pumpkin costumes but none had UMPF! They were saggy or flat, all around boring. I turned to the patterns to see if I could find the one my mom used for mine. No such luck. I did manage to find one through Simplicity but it wasn't quite it either. I settled. But then I had to search 4 different stores to find it. Then I added my own twist. I did some embelishing around the face and I added filling. I poofed it. That's the UMPF I was looking for. The POOF! What pumpkin doesn't have POOF!?!Truth be told though- after all that trouble- I couldn't care less about the poof. I know I'm biased but I think this kid would have looked just as cute in a painted paper bag. The smile would have been just as big, and the eyes just as bright. I just can't get enough of him.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zach- loving Toy story as usual. (He stayed like this for 45 minutes)

We tried some of those little vienna sausage things- they were great!

My new toy and outfit from Grampa Dave and Marline- Thanks again!

Is someone hiding behind the tree? Ummm... maybe?

Zach on the swing, you can hear him giggle. There is a loud squeak from the swing, I thought about greasing it, but I forgot my WD40.


We are still working on finding just the perfect picture for printing in our living room. The weather here has turned cold so these are our best shot. I love the imprint of Jason's cell phone in his front pocket. And how great is it that my kid actually looks AT the camera. Seriously- there is nobody even there! We took these pictures with a remote and a camera on a tripod. (Oh- we're at the zoo for those of you wondering where we found such a perfect backdrop. The Bears are off to the left.)

On a more serious note. I have had a sudden streak of paranoia with my child today. I'm all antsy and on edge and don't really know what to do with myself.

Here's the story. We laid him down for his nap at.. oh... 11? or so. Then he slept. AND slept. AND slept. This was wierd since he's had minimal naps for the last couple of days. So, I finally decided to go check in on him. He was cuddled up with the blanken I made him a few weeks ago. He must have been deep asleep because he was very very still.

So I looked for a breath or a sigh- and I didn't see it. His blanket was covering him and he was on his side. I stepped up to his crib and touched his shoulder lightly. He still didn't move.


I tore him out of the bed. His eyes popped wide open and he looked at me like I was a total crazy person. My knees were shaky. I think I saw my life- or maybe just his- flash before my eyes. Seriously- I'm still on edge and it's now 11:00. I put him down for bed at about 9:30 and I've already run up to check on him twice. I feel like I should go out and purchase one of those movement monitors for high risk infants.

We'll see how well I sleep tonight. He's OK.... He's OK.... He's OK...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Zach loves his Toy Story, but he seems to hate peas and noodles. He thinks that anything solid in his food is gross.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zach's Balloon

Zach loves balloons

(note from mom: does this make me a bad parent? I know- the package says DO NOT GIVE TO CHILDREN. He just LOVES it so much. I keep a close eye on him- I promise!)

In with the NEW!

I'm sure you all remember the pink thing that was lost in Arizona. Well, happy day- we have found a replacement! We got a package today from Grandpa Dave and Marline. It had some cool clothes that blinked, some treats and THIS! It's an awesome toy to replace the one that we lost at Shaila's wedding. Zach is really excited. It didn't take long for him to remember how to re-create the "POP" of the good ole' days. Dad is also excited because this one is NOT entirely PINK- and therefore MUCH more manly. Or as masculine as a squishy stretchy toy can be. THANK YOU MARLINE! It was so fun to get a package - and such fun goodies too.

More Pictures

I, Jason, felt left out of the last set of pictures because there was not picture of me and Zach alone. So I had to add one, also I like to post lots of pictures and not a lot of words, so if there is just pictures the post most likely comes from me.

English, for those that don't speak good.

I love these pictures. We were at the Zoo and I saw this and it made me laugh. They so kindly explain that the machine is "out of order", but then if you come from downtown and are confused by that sort of high class speak they made sure to tell you "it's broke...."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Pictures

The nice warm days of summer/fall have just about come to an end so we decided to take one last opportunity for some pictures.
We figure it's about time we had some family pictures.
Yes- this is Zach magically standing on his own once again. We found just the right tree to prop him up against. This time our photoshot was not followed by a crash landing.
Look at those teeth!
Fall is so much fun!!!


Here are a bunch of pictures.... No relation between the ones of Zach and our new fish. I don't like our new fish. I think I am going to get a different one. He is ugly and not very fun. Also here are some pictures of our murder mystery party. If you want to have more information about the party you can go to the Graff's link from our blog. Kim and Jess put it together. It was a lot of fun, although I think we look rather silly. I was dressed as a depressed magician who's wife had died and Teryn was a crazy palm reader.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dad and Zach went to the park today for breakfast

Mom had to go to work today, so dad and Zach took off on the bike to go and have breakfast at the park and play on the swing. It was a lot of fun, we need to put a swing up in the back yard. Teryn bought one at a garage sale a month or so ago for like $5 and it is basically the exact same kind of swing as the one in the park. I think Zach would really like it, so looks like I get to put up a swing soon, or as Teryn would say, "we" need to put up the swing soon.... like she is going to help or something.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Zach at the park

Summer is just about over so we decided to take advantage of what might have been one of the last nice days of the year and have ourselves a picnic at the park down the road. We packed up our breakfast (yes-it was still breakfast) of peanut butter and honey sandwiches and some fruit for the little one and off we went.

This park is actually close enough that we can just ride our bikes. Zack loves his trailer.

This is also the first time Zack has been in a swing... OK I lied. The first time was last time we came to the park. He wasn't such a fan then and I had forgotten the camera so ... you can deal. He does seem to have figured things out a bit better though.
I love how he always hangs his tongue out when he's having fun. I hear he got it from his dad. :)
We tried to get him to scoot through this big yellow tube but he was much too preoccupied with maintaining eye-contact with me (behind him) to notice that Dad was trying to get a picture. Finally, I started to pull him backwards OUT of the tube and he loved it.

P.S. Yes, I am wearing a wrist brace in the picture above. No, I don't have any elaborate stories about skydiving or skateboarding down a rail or anything like that. It's just Carpal Tunnel (Jason- please don't attack my spelling) It's feeling much better now but for a while there I could barely twist a doorknob or open the refrigerator. I think it's from work but I'm not sure yet how to avoid it in the future. Oh Well... could be worse. My brace is pretty cute though- it's actually got a purple-ish pink inner lining. Ahhh- you've got to maintain your femininity, even when wearing a rough and tumble brace right?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stillbirth and Pregnancy Loss Day

Today is actually one of those labeled days. A day for people to light a candle in memory of lost children, memories that never got to be made and hearts that were left broken.

Thankfully, I haven't faced this trial in my life. My child is healthy and happy. But I remember those nagging fears during pregnancy. "What if..." We had a few scares along the way but I knew in my heart that things would work out. I just didn't know how.

For those who have suffered thought, I can't imagine the pain. My heart goes out to them!

Maybe it's because it's October and Halloween is in the air but all this actually made me think of sweet Karlee. Zach's aunt that he will never meet. Then my brain did it's little thing and left me thinking how thankful I am to know of God's plan for these children.

As horrifying as that day was 6 years ago, I had a profound comfort in my heart. Knowing that Heavenly Father had a plan for her and that she wasn't just gone.

She was recieving the very highest glory in heaven. She was a special spirit and though we were so blessed to have enjoyed the little time we had with her, she was destined to greater things than this earth life could offer her. As are these children lost who we honor today.

Not only that but she's not even lost to me. I will see her again. And those mothers who lost thier infants will have the opportunity to hold them in thier arms and watch them grow up strong and healthy just like my little boy has.

I don't want to make it sound like the suffering of mothers who've lost children should be less in any way. We should still mourn- I certainly have. It's just, I guess the best way to explain it was that I mourned for me, NOT her. I mourned for the time I would spend without her. To me it will seem like an eternity. To her, just a blink. And because I mourned for me, I was able to find that day that I could step forward. I still have a part of my heart that IS sad, that still mourns. But I can allow myself happiness, I can laugh with my son. This year will be my first year to celebrate Halloween since the accident- and it's OK. She's happy. I can be to.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zach waves hello

Zach is still trying to crawl.... it's a long journey :(

Zach eating pancakes!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Zach's new coat

Zach's new coat from Grandma Gundersen!! How Exciting! Now my toes won't be cold!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Latest Project

*On occasion, I like to con Jason into taking the little one with him to run errands while I get other projects done arount the house. However, recently he has complained about having to either tote around my very large, very femanine diaper bag or brave the trip sans-diaper. (side note: I am known for my large bags- I like to make sure I have EVERYTHING I could POSSIBLY need on hand just-in-case)
*The other day, a couple of friends of mine shared with me thier solution to similar complaints from thier husbands. THIS is my rendition of thier solution. It's just big enough to hold 3 diapers and the wipes. Perfect for a day out with Dad!
*I used the scaps from my texture quilt since I'm practicing frugal living. :) All I had to spend was $1 for a cute button to finish it off.
*NOW, I'm faced with a new dilemma. Jason now feels that this new bag is STILL a little too much on the femanine side. He's not a fan of the rainbow motif. Sure, It would have been nice to make it out of camo or racecars or something equally cooooool! But, then I couldn't say it cost me a gosh darn dollar now could I!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Zach and his dad relaxing.

Zach and his TV addiction

Does this make us bad parents?

Stylish Zach

Here is Zach looking cool in his sunglasses in his bike trailer.

Crawling sort of.

Zach crawling.... well almost. We were just showing his progress.


Pictures of Zach