Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Children's Museum

Today was our first day using our new Children's Museum pass. We went with our friends Melinda, Evelyn, and Lizzy and all of us had a BLAST!

First we played with this neat river obstacle course. You drop the golf boll into a "log" at the top and then it rolls down a pin-ball like course of sticks and stones untill it reaches a dam at the bottom. Zach sat ON the dam most of the time and giggled as the balls rolled toward him.
Then we found the slide. Zach is now confident enough to climg up the stairs and slide down ALL BY HIMSELF.

As you can tell- he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
There's my favorite crooked grin again.


Tami said...

LOVE that crooked little grin! What a fun looking place. And you have a pass? That means lots of fun pictures in the future! Yeah for Zach! [and for me to be able to see them...] :D