Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We bought an Xbox... I think we made a mistake...

Zach reading. This is his favorite thing

Zach eating pudding... and painting with it too.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trunk Or Treat

Wednesday was our ward Halloween activity. There was crafting, cookie decorating, games, and OF COURSE the annual Trunk Or Treat.

Zach has been totally excited about all things pumpkin, ever since the first day I let him try on his pumpkin costume. His favorite game of the evening was this pumpkin toss. He actually did pretty well throwing the pumpkins so that they would stay on the bars.
His next favorite game was fishing for spiders. He even caught one!!
But only one...
Then we headed out for the Trunk or Treat. He really got the hang of thrusting his pumpkin basket in peoples faces as if to demand candy. Some ran out before we got to them and he was pretty perturbed and sort of stomped away. He was pretty good with "saying" thank you every time. With his little hand clasp sign. We still don't know how he decided it meant "Thank you" to open and close his hand. But I guess it works for him.

Don't ask what I'm dressed as- I guess it's a super chubby ballerina? I'm not even sure.
I do know this is the cutest pumpkin I'VE ever met.
Ooooo... and who's that handsome guy. He's dressed up as.... HIMSELF!
Here's the stash of goodies I... I mean Zach came home with. Not too shabby for a 2 yr old.
More to COME!!