Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tip of the Day:

No matter how secure you think your child's sippy cup may be. DO NOT give them grape juice.
Because as sippy cups tumble down stairs, they tend to pressurize and... SPRAY as they go.
But who can stay mad at this cute kid who plopped down next to me as I was lamenting my ceiling.

Anybody know how to get grape juice stains off a white wall/ceiling?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My latest creation

OK, don't laugh... too hard anyway.
'cause I'm obviously laughing quite a bit. I had an order from a gal on Craigslist for adult tutu's to be worn at her bachelorette party. I just HAD to model them. HOW FUN! Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a 7 yr old girl. Why didn't we ever come up with awsome stuff like this!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Zach and his cars

Zach likes to use his home made race track, and he likes all of his cars to go down it at once.

Zach throwing up in Toilet

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rexburg Fun

WARNING! There are a TON of pictures to come. I'm a bit behind and I need to get caught up so you are about to get our Entire Idaho trip in one shot.

Grandma's house was full of all sorts of adventures. Zach actually figured out how to turn on the hose and start up this little sprinkler all by himself. He would "run" through it giggling hysterically and then do it again and again.
We had a campfire in the backyard with roasted hot dogs, marshmallows and starbursts... you heard me right... STARBURSTS. They are surprisingly yummy. Try it!

I got a new lens for my camera so I had to experiment a bit with shutter speeds on the fire.
Zach would ofted disappear and we would find him hiding in the closet "organizing" Grandma's car collecion. He was very particular about it.

Other times, Zach was totally content to be pushed around in this little car for as long as you could stand it. At least Grandma could talk on the phone and push at the same time. Horray for Multi-tasking!

Make sure you keep your pinky up when drinking from the top of Bob the Builder's head.

I left Zach with Grandma for only a few minutes while I took a quick shower and what happened? SHE PAINTED HIS NAILS! She claims it was HIS idea.

Twins! Well, second cousins in matching gear anyway. This is Jason's Cousin Shelly's little boy and it appears they may be exchanging words over a toy.

The time went So fast and before we knew it we were packing to go camping!

Just a little Sun

I forgot to include this in the last post... ooops!
After Jason gave us a HUGE lecture on putting sunscreen on Zach we tried pretty hard to keep re-applying. The thing was... there was just NO sun on our camp out. At least there wasn't until the last few hours as we were packing up. Go figure, it was just enough to give Zach a funny "blush" to his cheeks. It faded by morning but we had to giggle a little bit. Zach's FIRST sunburn. (Oh man... I'm such a cliche with "firsts" aren't I- don't mock! I'm only human)


Uh Oh! Here's a little foreboding view as we approached out campspot.
But it cleared up for the most part. Zach loved sitting in his very own camp chair... that actually talked back!

We painted rocks with the cousins.
But Zach "painted" with water... thankfully.
They looked so innocent in the beginning but you should have seen the table, and ground, and clothes after they were finished.
Zach loved picking out the perfect rocks along the banks of the tiny creek that ran past out campspot.

He also love trying to throw them into the water like his bigger cousins.
It was a tad bit chilly but beautiful no less.
Our only other boy cousin, Roy, was more than willing to show Zach the ropes.
Uh Oh... Zach. Don't follow his lead too closely.

Zach was completely enthralled by his cousin's dog Daisy. Even though she knocked him over on more than one occasion, he was not scared one bit.
It was definately NOT warm by any means but we still had a great time.
Zach even learned to play a little badmitton.
At least he understood to go after the birdie anyway.
Of course Zach had to start another rock collection.
Check out his goods!
Soon the cousins followed suit- that's right, my son is a trendsetter.
The attempted to take a nice cousin picture with ALL of the cousins standing nicely in a line. Wait... who thought it would be a simple task to line up 8 kids under 8-in age order, get them to stand still, AND look at the camera WITH their eyes open?
Zach thought it was a game and would Bolt every chance he got.
He knew right where the path to the river was and would assume this pose on a regular basis hoping that his cuteness would win someone over and get him a trip to the water.
Zach's cousins taught him to blow on the dandelions. Yes, that pouty bottom lip is him "blowing".
Zach LOVED Aunt Brendi. He would wrap his arms around her neck, lie his head on her shoulder and pat her back. Then he would pull her face into him and give her a BIG kiss, just because.
On the last day, to keep the kids busy during cleanup, Grandma started them filling water balloons. Zach collected a few and very carefully marched them around the campground in his stroller.
What a HAM!
See that one squinty eye? That's Zach's "I'm squeezing with all my might"face. Thankfully he never did figure out how to pop a water balloon. Wheeeew!
All in all, we had a great time. Zach LOVED hangin' with his cousins AND spending basically all of his time outside. The only person missing was Jason. Someday... right?

Post Camping fun in Rexburg

After we got home from camping at Green Canyon we visited the splash park in Rexburg. It was actually REALLY cool with water slides, a giant bucket that dumped water every few minutes and fountains of all sorts and sizes.
Zach was somewhat cautious at first.

But he warmed up to it when he saw his cousins enjoying the fun.
After lunch we rode the carousel and even though Zach insisted I ride next to him I could tell he was enjoying himself. After we got off he kept running back and trying to sneak in with the other kids.
I "got sick" very suddenly one day after trying to mix prenatal vitamins with fruity pebbles. Zach watched and laughed the whole time- Thanks buddy, I love you to.
Ever since then he has decided that making yucky noises into the toilet, coughing and spitting, is just what toilets are for. Oh... and grandma taught him to splash in them to. Thanks Grandma!
Video to come soon so you can get the full effect. I just haven't figured out how to get it to work yet since it was on Grandma's camera. It's pretty hilarious. WHAT AM I TEACHING MY SON!
Just before we headed to the airport we were greeted by a giant dump truck! Just what every little boy loves to see. Zach was totally excited to see it in action.