Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Grandparents visit

(By Zack)
This last weekend my grandparents came to visit from Idaho. We were so excited. They were on a business trip and took an extra long "layover" so that they could spend a couple of days with thier youngest grandson.

First I showed them my new favorite game on the computer.
"Baby Smash"- it's a free download that locks your keyboard to only play shapes, letters and music. I love to sit nicely and play baby smash for extended periods of time. (Gives mom a nice break)

Don't you dare take away my keyboard!
Then Grandma took me for a walk around the living room.
Around and around and around... until I finally fell asleep

With my bear of course.

Grandpa wanted a picture for his wall of grandkids.


After all the fun I was so pooped I needed a nap.
We had to take Grandma and Grandpa to the airport in Chicago. It was a looooong drive but mom kept me entertained by giving me a chocolate chip granola bar to eat while I watched lion king. Dad tied our portable DVD player onto the back of the seat so that I could lounge in my chair while enjoying some great films. It was like traveling first class!

Then we got home and mom put me straight into the bath. I wonder, why the hurry?

P.S. more pics to come- we also went to the Jelly Belly factory but mom needs to find the pictures.


Melinda said...

how fun! hooray for grandmas and grandpas! great typing job, zach!

Gretchen N' Some times Jeremy said...

Zach is looking so grown up and cute.

I have been very busy lately sorry for no comments for a while. That will change! We are getting paper work and things together for the Adoption! They say we are about 2 months away from the actual Adoption! Yea!!!