Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter Decor

I know, I know... Jason told me I wasnt allowed to post this kind of stuff on our family blog anymore but I was excited OK! (and to be honest I'm not sure any one really looks at the other blog-see side bar for link to Teryn's Treats)

Remember how I said earlier that I don't generally come up with my own creative ideas- I'm just really good at copying other people? Well here's a perfect example.

Easter is coming and we don't have ANY decorations so I found this great idea on Tip Junkie. She actually linked to Cindy's blog here for a tutorial.

This is what I ended up with. Horray!

OK- so I was wishing I had some fancy shiny pastel eggs (too $$) and this is my first attempt at tying a decorative bow, not to mention my ribbon didn't really match so there is definately much to be desired here. What can I say though, it's fun and at least my home will be somewhat festive for easter this year.


That Girl said...

oh I think its adorable!

Jayne said...

this is funny to see tip junky on your blog. the lady who does this is in my ward. how funny and what a small world

Lorie said...

Very cute! Off to check out Taryns Treats! ;D

Tami said...

So cute! How many eggs did you end of using? Looks like a great project. And I like your bright bow....I think it matching just fine!