Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, the famous Book turned movie sensation has been released on DVD and we just HAD to celebrate.

Some of the other med student wives got together and I rented a copy. Two of the other girls hadn't even seen it yet AND one of them hadn't read the book.
One of the other girls made these absolutely adorable cupcakes in honor of the film.I am a little compulsive with party food. There were only four of us but we had quite the spread. All things RED and decadent. Cherry Cola, Cherry 7-up, red grapes, watermelon, apples, pink fruit dip, twizzlers bites, chocolate covered strawberries, apple cupcakes, and my "Bella Bites" that I'lll explain below.

These are my new favorite treat. They are amazing! Jason is totally addicted. I got the recipe off of Pioneer Woman's website and she got it from Bakerella. (ahh the blog world!)
Here's the cheesy stretch of an explanation I gave the girls.

THESE are "Bella Bites". They have the white chocolate drizzles to represent the purity and innocence of Bella paired with the darkness that is Edward Cullen. Then the inside is the deep red of red velvet cake. I'm sure you can guess what that represents. Mwa ha ha ha!!!!!
Cheesy right? But, Oh so tasty!
(Explanation to be found later on my other blog TERYN'S TREATS)


Andrea said...

I'm STILL comin down off a high from those babies!

Tami said...

Looks like a delicious way to party. Those chocolate balls are one of the recipes I was supposed to send to you so long ago. I'm glad that you already had it! YUM!

Melinda said...

Looks like it was TONS of fun! Just so you know, I DO have your info. I just didn't feel comfortable leaving it up in my comment section for the world to see...even if you were. So it's not all there, but I have it safe. Thanks!

Sarah said...

I know it's reverse but my sister in law got me the book, so now I can read those missing parts from the movie.