Sunday, July 26, 2009

Utah trip

Well, it's official! These are the telltale mountains that say... I'm IN UTAH! I just love them. I love the blue sky!

I love the brightly colored "weeds"
Warm weather is great for practicing our walking on nice green grass, with NO stickers!
We tried really hard (note the pursed lips) to make a wish but these are some tough wish-flowers. They would not fly away no matter how hard Zach tried.
We visited Karlee's cemetery and Zach was enthralled with all the beautiful flowers at each headstone. Especially this one with the pinwheel.
Zach and Grandma spent a good amount of time collecting rocks and when he realized she was throwing them back he quit giving them to her and brought them to me. I made a little pile and when it was time to go home he very carefully put each rock back where it belonged, one at a time. He even had to move one that had landed in the "wrong" spot before he would let us go home.
We played with sparklers on the 24th and Zach was quite nervous, but he was still really excited. Especially when his cousins would paint swirly pictures in the sky with them.
Today was Creed's farewell so we had some family pictures taken.
The menu... pumpkin, pumpkin, pumkin and MORE pumpkin. It's Creed's favorite.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Zach sleeping with Teryn's stuffed animal.
Zach found the junior mints, These are his favorite snacks, you can see he has about 10 of them in his mouth.

Zach likes to be like dad, even with dad's pager.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Rememberance...

Jason hates when I interupt our regular family blogging for "other stuff nobody wants to hear" but this morning I just felt like I HAD to say something. This morning I started my usual "blog stalking" and was shocked to find terrible news on one of my favorite blogs.

The Thifty Chick (Stacy) passed away unexpectedly on Monday. She suffered a stroke just 14 days after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. She left behind a loving husband and 4 children. I broke out into tears as I scrolled through her most recent posts. She was a creative genious. I know I will truly miss watching for her regular updates. I can't imagine how her family is coping with such a loss. Especially with a new baby.

I will be keeping them in my prayers today and I hope some of you will take a moment to visit her blog and enjoy her creativity as I have. Please say a little prayer for her family as you do. I think I'm going to go eat some chocolate cake now, and maybe cry a little bit. We'll soon return to our regular programming.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Latest Creation

Zach has started to get really excited when we practice pointing out body parts. "Nose" and "Toes" are definately his favorites as he will contort all sorts of ways to point out his, mine, AND Jason's. He seems to really enjoy matching things and pointing out similarities. SO... I made him a Mr. Potato Head for our felt board. He has really enjoyed it so far. His favorite is to point out his teeth and then find the big toothy grin to stick on the potato. I kinda wonder though what he thinks about the silliness of sticking face parts on a potato. Hmmmmm.... I do wonder sometimes what goes on in that little head of his.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

At The Beach

We headed to the beach today for a special treat. Partly because I had a really great idea for my entry in the photography challenge this weekend. The topic was "Line" and THIS is what I decided to use...
It doesn't look like much here but it's actually a shrunken version of a gigantic panaroma of 27 different pictures all stitched together. I loved how dramatic the clouds were- that's even SOOC! (that means no photoshop mom- lol)

We also took the opportunity to practice throwing rocks into the water while we watched the waves. Zack was totally enthralled and giggled histerically everytime the rock spashed into the water.
You can just see the ripples off to the right where the rock landed.
That's my uber-hot man hauling our little one away from the beloved waves. Tough guy right? I luv him!
Here I'm guessing he's showing Zach the correct form.
Then they let it fly!
Here's my 2nd place option for the challenge- in case I couln't figure out the photostitching.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I realized all these pictures don't show Zach's face, so I uploaded a few more that you can see his face with.

One of the balloon's at the end flew away, Zach was very distressed about it.
This is right as soon as he noticed the balloon flying away.

Zach and Lightning McQueen on his new race track.

Zach saying "WOW!"

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Zach clapped for the horses again and againHe liked to tall people
He waved, hoping for candy...
One of the Brewer's sausages giving him 5
The tall lady blew him a kiss

4rth Parade

Zach waved at the fire engine.I just liked the fact that drug dealers used to own this truck, now the sheriff does.
Zach loved waving at the horses

Teryn taught Zach if he waved, he got candy, so because of that he waved at everyone in the parade hoping he would get a treat.

More pictures

Zach's new race trackBronze statue at the zoo
Zach and the huge tower

Zoo Playground

Teryn and Zach looking at the tigerZach finds ants more interesting than any other animal at the zoo, if you look close you can see the little black critter.

Zach loves the slide....
Sometimes he forgets it is for sliding down.