Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day at the Park

It's our first trip to the park for this year and Zack is thrilled to finally get some fresh air. This was especially fun since he is old enough now to be able to really enjoy all of the joys the park has to offer.

There's the trailer:
The Swing (tons of giggles found there):

The Tube:
The Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiide!

And this neat bar that was really fun to walk along.
"You want to go home now? No way! What is this strange feeling- I found Sand!"
Despite the apparent grimace- Zack thouroghly enjoyed himself. He left little trails through the sand all around the playground and he hurried to examine each new toy.
I love spring!!


Tami said...

These are really fun pics. That lost! Great photography and what a handsome kid! Love it!