Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book Review

Since I'm using this blog as a place to document/journal our family I thought it would be important to include Zach's favorite book.

We've reads tons of Dr. Sues Books, we have toy story, monster's in, and the incredibles. (all thanks to freecyle-wahoo!) But the one that seems to be the most requested (followed closely by Toy Story) and get the best sleep results is this one...
It's just a little paperback that I got at a Garage Sale last year for .25 cents. But Zach is always thrilled when I pull it out. Thankfully, I kinda enjoy the story too.

It's about this tiny little girl in the 1st grade who is small, has buck teeth, a voice that sounds like a duck, and is pretty clumsy sometimes. Thankfully she has a grandma with wise words of wisdom to help her stay positive. Like when she said about her buck teeth,

"Smile big and the world will smile right along side you"
And we ALWAYS do when we turn to this page. Zach gets this huge grin and then points out her teeth, her eyes and her nose- OH, and of course her ears too.

It's got really cute pictures, a rhythmic tone to it (I think that's why it appeals to Zach at such a young age) and a great positive message. (unlike poky puppy- I'll tell you about that later)

In my eyes- this book absolutely get's 5 stars. *****


Tami said...

Wow! Those illustrations are fantastic!! I've never heard of it before. When we move back to the US I'm adding this book to my library.