Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teryn Original

I don't usually consider myself to be a very creative person. I always say that I'm just really good at copying other people's good ideas. (Thus my obsession with crafty blogs- as seen to the side and in the "blogs I follow")

This one though, this one I came up with myself!

I'm not saying I think NOBODY has ever done this before. I'm sure they have. I'm just saying I haven't seen them personally and so haven't copied them.

I'm actually kinda proud. (in a non-sinful kind of way of coarse)

It helps that I have a dang cute little boy! This is to celebrate 1 year and I plan on hanging it in Zach's room. This may actually be considered our first bit of real decor in our home. Art you could say- though I'm not sure I would consider myself and artist- NO WAY!

Anywhoo- that's my creation. Wa La!