Saturday, June 28, 2008


Mom was pretty sad about it. She cried about it more than I did. We did have a photo-shoot before "the event" to imortalize my locks. This is what my hair looks like now. Maybe people will finally quit asking if I'm a girl...

Here is what was left on the bathroom floor when we were all done: Grandma requested a pic of me doing my "classic tounge" out pose. Enjoy!
Expensive toys? Who needs them when you have hangers? Mom was doing laundry when she noticed my facination with these strange new devices.

Zach loves making noise

Look, I figured out how to make a lot of noise!!

Look how big I am getting!

Yes, I am totally safe here, it just "looks" dangerous. Mom almost peed her pants when she saw me sitting here. I waited patiently for her to come around the corner then just started laughing as soon as she saw me. Dad and I srue play great pranks!
Here is my photoshoot to comemorate my loooooonnngg hair

I like to take baths, this new thing mom bought makes it easy to sit up and lean over and splash. Yeah, I need a haircut.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Garage sale day, new toys!!

We went to 2 Garage sales today. Both were right on our own street. We spent under ten dollars and walked away with 2 new outfits, a bathtime chiar, 2 new toys, a couple of books AND my new "big boy chiar". I can sit up tall in this chair and I love wne mom rocks me back and forth really fast.


Mom let me try something new- Solid Food!! Well, everyone calls it solid but really I don't really see how something so liquid can be considered solid. Regardless, I think it is Fantastic!!! The flavors, the little bit of extra texture. We started with rice cereal then added oatmeal. There's nothing like it. Mom said she expected me to reject the cereal at first or at least make some kind of funny face at it. Instead I just got really excited and kept opening my mouth for more.

What a mess! After I took to cereal so well mom started trying the veggies. This is me after trying squash. My favorite is still the first veggie I ever tried, peas. I take after dad that way I guess. Mom doesn't like peas at all.

Mom always laughs when she brings out the bowl and spoon because I always start kicking my feet in excitement. I can really get this bouncer moving! She complains that it makes it hard to get the food actually INTO my mouth.

Here's some videos of me trying out new foods. Mom was trying to catch the infamous icky face-but I love everything!

Zach can fly!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Zach talking to his toys

Feeding Time!!

Zach's favorite time of the day... FOOD

He takes after his dad that way

Can you fit your entire hand in your mouth?

Zack can! Zack refuses all pacifiers and doesn't suck his thumb. He just takes his hand instead.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Holly and John's wedding

Holly and John Frost got married on the 31st of May. Teryn was one of the bridesmaids.

This is Zach's first time in his bouncer. He is pretty excited about it. He also is very fond of sticking his tounge out when he gets excited... which seems to be most of the time.