Thursday, October 27, 2011

Since I'm out  of town I didn't really have time to prepare a proper photo arrangement with clever cations and photo cropping but by request I'm posting some pics of the boys in their costumes for Jason to see since he's stuck at home missing all of our festivities. Enjoy Sweetheart!

 Here, Zach shows off his muscles.
 Kyle chases a "Neigh Neigh" (horse), it took some explaining to convince him it was really a goat.
 The boy's favorite game was a fishing game. Here they were basically climbing over top of each other to give the lady their tickets.
 Kyle really enjoyed himself, obviously
Notice Kyle in the background. It may look like he just ate a lemon but really he's saying cheese for the camera. Goofball.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Today, we celebrated our first leaf raking of the season. The smaller tree in our front yard was the first tree in our neighborhood to turn a beautiful red-orange and start to drop it's leaves. The boys and I had a great time creating the "Biggest Leaf Pile EVER!"

 Zach and Kyle both concentrated intently on the task at hand.

 Sometimes even working together.
Kyle has been becoming increasingly difficult to take pictures of as every time he sees the camera he has to run straight for me squealing "CHEESE" as loud as he can. It results in a good number of very blurry but very cute pictures like this one.
Once in a while I can still catch him  if he's sitting down. 

 Zach is a total ham when the camera comes out.
The boys loved diving in and getting buried in the leaves. 
 Soon, what was a tall mountain of leaves became a much flatter mound.

 Then, they just enjoyed running through it.
 Here's Zach preparing to make a dash for it. (note the crooked mouth, both boys do it. Just like their dad)
 Ready Set GO!

We All Love Fall!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Here's what happens when you give Jason a sledge hammer. Uh Oh!