Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beware of Quiet Children

One should always beware of quiet children. Especially after they have finished watching a new television show and have retreated to the basement where they would normally produce a great deal of noise. 

This is what Jason found after just such a moment of quiet. I introduce, The Power Rangers and their "Japanese Symbols of Power"
 Note the smiley face on his chest and protective armor plating his arms and legs. 
 And you can't forget the very cryptic armless man on his back. 

Even the artist himself has some skillfully drawn symbols on his chest. 
Thank you, Power Rangers, for inspiring such creativity in my boys. Creativity that, though "washable" markers were used, still remains visible....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brotherly Love

Kyle may have been apprehensive at first but now he ADORES his baby sister.

Our Littlest Pumpkin

Megan got all dressed up to visit the pumpkin patch.

Everybody keeps making comments about what child looks like who and which sibbling Megan is most likely to look like. Well, here's a flashback to the past. You be the judge!
Zach- 2008