Thursday, October 9, 2008

Latest Project

*On occasion, I like to con Jason into taking the little one with him to run errands while I get other projects done arount the house. However, recently he has complained about having to either tote around my very large, very femanine diaper bag or brave the trip sans-diaper. (side note: I am known for my large bags- I like to make sure I have EVERYTHING I could POSSIBLY need on hand just-in-case)
*The other day, a couple of friends of mine shared with me thier solution to similar complaints from thier husbands. THIS is my rendition of thier solution. It's just big enough to hold 3 diapers and the wipes. Perfect for a day out with Dad!
*I used the scaps from my texture quilt since I'm practicing frugal living. :) All I had to spend was $1 for a cute button to finish it off.
*NOW, I'm faced with a new dilemma. Jason now feels that this new bag is STILL a little too much on the femanine side. He's not a fan of the rainbow motif. Sure, It would have been nice to make it out of camo or racecars or something equally cooooool! But, then I couldn't say it cost me a gosh darn dollar now could I!