Friday, October 17, 2008

Zach at the park

Summer is just about over so we decided to take advantage of what might have been one of the last nice days of the year and have ourselves a picnic at the park down the road. We packed up our breakfast (yes-it was still breakfast) of peanut butter and honey sandwiches and some fruit for the little one and off we went.

This park is actually close enough that we can just ride our bikes. Zack loves his trailer.

This is also the first time Zack has been in a swing... OK I lied. The first time was last time we came to the park. He wasn't such a fan then and I had forgotten the camera so ... you can deal. He does seem to have figured things out a bit better though.
I love how he always hangs his tongue out when he's having fun. I hear he got it from his dad. :)
We tried to get him to scoot through this big yellow tube but he was much too preoccupied with maintaining eye-contact with me (behind him) to notice that Dad was trying to get a picture. Finally, I started to pull him backwards OUT of the tube and he loved it.

P.S. Yes, I am wearing a wrist brace in the picture above. No, I don't have any elaborate stories about skydiving or skateboarding down a rail or anything like that. It's just Carpal Tunnel (Jason- please don't attack my spelling) It's feeling much better now but for a while there I could barely twist a doorknob or open the refrigerator. I think it's from work but I'm not sure yet how to avoid it in the future. Oh Well... could be worse. My brace is pretty cute though- it's actually got a purple-ish pink inner lining. Ahhh- you've got to maintain your femininity, even when wearing a rough and tumble brace right?


Gretchen N' Some times Jeremy said...

Oh he is so cute! I love parks the fun pictures and the fresh air!!

Gretchen N' Some times Jeremy said...

I just noticed what did you do to your wrist?

Tami said...

He looks like he really enjoys that swing. Love watching him grow into those kinds of fun things. Don't you just love seeing him discover and experience new unfolding the world!

I was going to ask about your brace. You know it's a much better story if you got hurt saving a child out of a burning building...(ha) Hope it's feeling better soon!