Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Art Museum

WARNING: This is a VERY picture heavy post.

Of course, how else can one document a visit to the art museum without tons of pictures right?
Here we are in the world famous lobby overlooking Lake Michigan. Not only is the view fantastic but the architecture is amazing.
You could see the "wings" open above if you peeked through the windows just right.

We got there early so the first hallway was completely empty which made for a pretty cool picture.
I've always loved this crazy blown glass sculpture. It sure made for some pretty neat "bokeh"- see me speaking photographer-ish?
Zach enjoyed coloring pictures in the new children's room. It was nice to find an area where we were ACTUALLY allowed to touch things.
I traced Zach on the chalkboard wall. Quite an accomplishment if you know of my phobia of chalk.
This is Zach's art. I thought he did a pretty darn good job. Great use of colors and parallel lines. : )
I made friends with the "janitor"- he didn't talk much.
This was one of my favorite rooms. I took one picture with the flash to show what the room looked like. It was basically a bunch of suspended glow sticks.
Here's my picture with the flash off. The shutter stayed open for a whole 25 seconds to get the light. I held as still as I could but I kinda like the way my slight wiggles make it all look. A bit "Matrix-y" don't you think?
I call this "Pensive Boy at the waterfront"
I call this one, "Pensive Boy at the waterfront with his Mom"
I loved how this sculpture looked with the hazy lake behind it.
And this was a whole table of blown glass sculptures that looked like a very messy dinner party.
So, there ya go. Our trip to the museum in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed it- Farewell all ye art connoisseurs. I bid thee adieu and good night.


Becky said...

I love all the pictures. I think that my favorite is the one with Zack in front of all the colored balloons fuzzy in the background. I also really liked the up close shot of the handcrafted glass. You are so talented, I need some lessons.