Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun Day!

Yesterday was community FREE day at the public museum so we picked up some friends of ours and headed off to see the sights.
(After a little bit of transportation hullabaloo we did arrive at our ultimate destination)
The butterfly room was very VERY cool. It's a very muggy, hot room chock full of butterflies. At the front of the room is a case full of cocoons and recently hatched butterflies. Some of them were giNORMOUS. Zach was fascinated.

As soon as he spotted the butterflies he was totally enthralled and kept reaching out as though he wanted to touch them.
Then I finally caught one and he was suddenly shy and after looking at the strange creature for a moment he buried his face in my shoulder.
This is one of the friends we brought with us. FANTASTIC photography skills on Andrea's part right? (I put this on here so you could download this one Andrea- very cool!)