Monday, May 25, 2009


As his Memorial day project today, Jason decided to build a sandbox for Zach. He saw a really great deal on sand at Home Depot and figured it was the perfect time. He even built a lid to cover it so that animals and leaves wouldn't get in. 
Here's Zach with his classic question hands. "Where'd my legs go?" He was pretty excited to play. Now we just need to collect us some sand toys. 
After filling his pants with sand Zach had to go on a walk with Dad to shake some sand off before I could let them both in the house again. He's getting really good at walking. We're up to 7 sturdy independent steps now!
I love watching babies walk. 
And those little legs, and that bum! I just love them to pieces. 


Melinda said...

What fun! Y'know, it's time to get together again...maybe play in some water here? Sometime.

Anyway, WAY TO GO, ZACK!! I'm so excited with (for?) you that he's walking and so well. Awesome.

Becky said...

Sooo cute!