Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've noticed this funny trend with my son. There are certain landmarks in a child's life that mark his progress and growth. All of the big firsts. First solid foods, first sippy cup, first haircut. Periodically, a child's physician will check in on these firsts to see that said child is on track with the norms. There have been several times now that we have visited the doctor and had him ask about something only to have me look worriedly at my son wondering if he really should have been doing this particular task by that time. (example: crawling- he was slow to take the leap to mobility) The funny thing is, whenever we talk to the doctor about these benchmarks it's like a cue for Zach to suddenly decide it's time. We talked to the doctor about him not taking sippy cups- suddenly he took to them like he had always loved sippy cups. We talked to the doctor about him not sleeping through the night. Suddenly- 8:00 to 7:00- OH bliss! We even talked to him about Zach's apparent lack of interest in crawling and all of a sudden he was scooting accross the floor.

Are you wondering what our big new is yet? Have I left you in suspense long enough or did you already guess?

Well... yesterday was another doctor's appointment and we visited over all of the expected benchmarks. Stacking blocks- check! Finger feeding or using utinsels- check! Using tools for thier correct purpose- check! Following instructions- check! (still in suspense?) Walking and Talking? NO CHECK!!!! So we talked about some possible solutions, even checking into some physical therapy. He was ahead of the curve on everything except walking and talking- something you would think would be the basics. Our doctor wasn't too nervous about the speech stuff because Zach is actually really good at communicating non-verbally. He has some signs that we've taught him and our doc said that was great! It was more the walking that he said we might want to get some help for.

SO... right on cue with our past experiences Zach finally decided it was time to take the leap. Of course the day AFTER our check up. This morning he found some keys that had fallen off our key rack by the door. He brought them to me giggling and said, quite clearly "KEYS!"


Then just as Jason was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work we decided to practice walking a bit. I held Zach, helped him stabalize, and then let go and WA LA! 7 whole steps to dad. I think he would have had more but they ran out of room.


Apparently Zach just has a little bit of an attitude and doesn't want to listen to his parents. Only the Doctor can tell him what to do!

I'll have to remember that when he's a teenager and wants to do something crazy. Good thing his dad will be a doctor by then right? WHEEW!


Andrea said...

Yay Zack!! That is so funny/ironic that it was the day after the appt. I will have to bring a flash drive next time I see you so I can get those pictures! I hope there were some you liked.