Wednesday, February 2, 2011

They're calling it "Snowmageddon"

We had a tiny bit of a storm last night. HA! It was actually a bit of a doozy. Last night we had had roughly 11 and a half inches dumped on us and it continued into this morning a bit. I wish I could tell you the grand total but at this point I'm just not in the loop. Sorry.

Jason was sent home around four last night with the great news that he wouldn't have to go in this morning. So, we all watched cartoons in bed this morning until he got the unfortunate call that he would have to go in. Apparently, he's the only one with a truck big enough to make it to the hospital. We were pretty bummed since we had hoped to enjoy some sledding this afternoon. So, he trucked it outside and did some speed shoveling to get his truck to where he could pull out. As he opened the door this is what we found.
See the truck in the background? It can pretty much make it through anything, handy... unless you were hoping for an excuse to miss work. It's a bit misleading though because his truck isn't buried as deep as the other cars. Here's the story:

Jason misses Idaho. He misses driving through massive amounts of snow. SO he thought it would be "fun" to go out driving last night. I sat at home with the boys gnawing my fingernails in nervousness while he played around driving through snowdrifts. While he was out and about he stopped by SAMs for some odds and ends and when he walked in the lady at the customer service desk looked at him in surprise and turned to her walkie talkie to say, "Ummmmm... there's a customer in the store?". They were open, so he didn't see why they were so shocked. SO, that's why his truck isn't completely covered in snow.
I know there was a driveway there somewhere....
Our front porch, I doubt any birds would want to stay there now.
Zach was pretty excited about it.
Here's a good pic to give you an idea of how deep it was.
Awwwwww.... father son moment.
We still haven't quite been able to shovel ourselves out. Jason did what he could this morning to just get his truck mobile. I spent another hour while the boys were napping but there's at least a few more hours to go. Boy, I'm sure wishing we'd splurged on a snowblower about now!