Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gingerbread Train

On Christmas Day Zach, Grandma H and I took on the project of making a Gingerbread Train. We were a bit apprehensive of it at first. Not sure how it would all turn out.
Then Zach started to really get into the whole decorating process. He really took the lead and spearheaded the whole operation.
I think the Gumball roof decor was his crowning achievement.
Though the careful application of candy to the caboose was also meticulously performed.
Grandma and Zach were pretty excited about their final product.
Wait a second! There's a wheel missing already!
Zach was also pretty insistent that the caboose be filled with cargo.
Ah Ha! There's the missing wheel!
I was kinda surprised but my uber-picky child actually really enjoyed eating the gingerbread. He kept going back for more.


Jake, Mandi & Kempton said...

Fun to see all the updates of your Christmas festivities! Nice work on the gingerbread train, Zach! And I love the kinkade meets narnia photo of the Christmas Eve blizzard! And a very cute snowman indeed. Good times!