Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Artists

Here's some more pics from our Christmas Vacation at Grandma Gundersen's

Zach had so much fun with his cousins while at Grandma's house. Even now that we've come back to Illinois I can ask him who his friends are and he will list off all of his cousins without even a pause. He especially loved painting with Sarah. We've tried painting at home in the past but I think watching Sarah meticulously painting her "girl kitties" inspired him.
You can tell they were both deep in thought.
The finished product:
*Actually, he ended up going back to it and painting until every last bit was coated in a thick green goo. The next day he was inspecting their various creations and found that Sara's had actually accidentally gotten some bits of green paint on them. He very carefully picked out the correct paints and touched up her kitties to cover the green so that she wouldn't be upset. I thought it was pretty thoughtful of him.