Friday, November 5, 2010

First Hair Cut!

This is a little late in being posted but I was still trying to get used to it myself and wasn't quite ready to celebrate. Kyle finally had his first haircut. Jason has been begging me for a long time but I've just not wanted to. I always feel like once they have their first haircut they are no longer a baby and they start becoming more of a kid, a big boy! So, Monday Jason finally put his foot down and cut the poor boy's hair. I still don't think it was THAT long. There was only one section that had started to be more Donald Trump- ish but I was willing to over look that. ; )

Here's before...
See, it may be pretty long but it was still NOTHING compared to Zach's hair when we cut it and he was only 5 months old at the time.
He does look so grown up now though.
Zach, of course, had to jump in the pictures too. This is pretty typical... Zach torturing Kyle and Kyle giggling away like it's the best game ever.

As a side note:
I missed posting my gratefulness yesterday. I actually had one, and I posted it on facebook but just never got to the computer to post it here.

Yesterday I was thankful for After-Holiday sales.

I know, it's a little 'material' but I was pretty excited. We needed an ingredient for my dinner plans yesterday so we headed out early in the morning to pick it up at Target before the day got underway. I was kinda hoping to catch some decent post-Halloween deals but I hadn't expected to catch them at such a perfect time. They had just barely marked down all of the Halloween stuff so it was really low prices but still a good selection. I decided I'd pick out a couple costumes and decorations for next year. As I was hunting I ran into a friend of mine who had her cart packed FULL of costumes. She explained that she was going to put together a costume box for her boys as a Christmas. I decided that was genius so I followed her lead. I ended up finding Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, the Hulk, and a police man, a fireman, a cowboy and a ninja for around $3 each. What a great, low cost, HIGH fun Christmas present!