Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Attitude of Grattitude: Our Home

I kept putting this post off because I kept wanting everything to look just right. But I have a feeling that isn't going to be for a long time and so, on popular request, I decided to finally do a tour of our home. Especially since our new door has been completed and so I'm feeling especially thankful about it today.

This is the first time in our marriage that I have felt like we live in a "real grown up house". Not an apartment, or a "town-home with it's own walls" as we called our last 850 sq foot house. Here, I feel like we have plenty of room to grow and create a real home for ourselves.

Without further adieu I present... Our Home!
Yes, the grass is quite dead under the tree. Anyone have any idea how to get grass to grow under a large tree? It's been dead since we bought the place, no matter what we do.
The new front door has been an exciting and frustrating process. When we bought the house it actually had what looked like a double entry door but when you walked inside you realized that what had been the second door had been sealed up to create a closet in the entryway. While I was glad for the closet, it created a problem with the front door itself. The previous owners had chosen to just put up a thin, uninsulated wall where the old door was and then install a thin, uninsulated interior door instead of a nice sturdy, SECURE, insulated EXTERIOR door. Basically, it would have been pretty easy for someone to just kick in our front door and rob us blind. So we decided to remedy that issue by taking out the false double storm door and put in one real entry door. The problem was in filling the extra space. I can't tell you how much it bugs me that my door isn't centered!!!! But it's the best we could come up with. SO.... if anyone out there has any decor ideas to make this look a little more welcoming... PLEASE SHARE! (I'm also open to suggestions on paint color as I'm not completely sold on the brown and I need to decide on a color for the shutters that we plan on installing down the road)

Moving on.... Here's our living room.
I LOVE the window! So does Kyle. (you probably know that already from previous posts) The wood we aren't sure about. I'm married to a carpet guy and he really wants to carpet over it but I'm hoping to convince him to just refinish it. It's in pretty rough shape but I still think it's nice to have. I still have a lot of decorating that I need to do, as you'll see in the rest of the house. But, it's not really my strong suit so again, if anyone has any ideas for me... Please Share!

Here's our basement.
The previous owners were Kansas City Chiefs fans- we do plan on painting and re carpeting. In the mean time we love having a space where I can craft (there's even a small craft room off to the side- WAY too messy to show though) and Zach can enjoy spreading his trains out without any lack of space. We recently picked up the train table from a family in our church and Zach has been loving it.

My favorite area of the house has to be the Kitchen!
It's obviously under construction but I think it has a lot of potential. The far wall was pretty beat up and we decided it wasn't salvageable so Jason just tore it down and started fresh. Now we're patching all the rough spots where the drywall wasn't taped very well before and soon we'll be painting. We're also hoping to put in new laminate after our light fiasco left this stuff pretty gouged and scratched over by the sink. I love how open it is. Lots of counter space! Since our last house didn't have enough combined counter space for a microwave, this is exactly what I had hoped for.

Here's Zach's kitchen, garage sale $5. Now I just need to start collecting play food to go with it.
Last but not least, the master bedroom.
Most places we looked at (in our price range anyway) were going to be a tight fit for our king sized bed but this one even had room for a sitting area for when I'm breastfeeding. Yes, my bed is missing a bed skirt. Try to ignore it, it tore and I haven' gotten around to making a new one. My favorite part of this room has to be this funky light/table thing I found at a garage sale a while back. I needed a light and I needed a table... tada! Perfect! I haven't decided if I want to paint it but I definitely want to spruce up the shade a bit. Any ideas??
So that's our home... well most of it anyway. We have two other bedrooms, not much to see though. I would have taken a picture of the boy's room but they were sleeping. Get this... it's Lavender! HA! Yep, it needs some paint too. There's also two bathrooms, one with a blue bathtub and both with a strange I design in the tile.

Yes there's plenty of future projects to do but all in all I love this house!

It just feels like home.


Me and my boys said...

Hey your play kitchen is the one we bought (well Santa got) for our son for Christmas last year. $5.00 is an excellent buy...way to go!!!
What an adorable home, it is really cute.

Jake, Mandi & Kempton said...

Keep the gratitude posts coming! Thanks for being my one blogging friend to jump on board with the game!! The pictures look really good. And I love your door and window too! It's probably in my best interest to help with your home renovations as much as possible since Kemp and I plan on spending so much time there ;]