Friday, November 5, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude: Activities

Since today is Friday we got to attend our bi-monthly music class at the church. It brought to mind for me how grateful I am that we have so many fun activities here to participate in.
This particular activity is run by one of the moms in a different Ward than mine (she's in green in the center of the picture) but she was kind enough to invite the moms in our ward to join their's. We were pretty late this week but Zach still enjoyed it. He is SUCH a singer! Once he feels comfortable with a song (and sometimes, when he doesn't have a clue how it goes) he will sing it out at the top of his lungs. We have fun pictures and rhythm sticks and all kinds of little things to make the whole experience so much fun for the kids. Even Kyle seems to enjoy watching the older kids making music.

This isn't the only activity that we participate in either. We also love to play with the other kids in our neighborhood, (I blogged about them before) and we have joined a MOMS group as well a They have such a full calendar that we actually have to pick and choose what we want to attend. As hard as it is to pass up something that looks like fun, it's pretty great to be in an area where we know there will always be some other new and exciting activity coming up just around the corner.
I took this picture holding the camera over my head, so it's not that great... but I LOVE the little girl in the bottom right corner. SO cute!