Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Attitude of Grattitude: Health

Today I've been thinking about how lucky we are to be healthy. Sure, we pick up a bug here and there. But for the most part, we have been really lucky to have missed the bulk of the yuckies that seem to go around periodically.

The other morning Zach woke up at about 3 a.m. crying much more than he usually does. I went to check on him and he started to complain that his neck hurt. I had him show me where and then asked him to look side to side, he did that fine. Then I asked him to look up and down and when he tried he ended up yelping in pain and breaking out into sobs again. My mind immediately went to meningitis and I hurried to get Jason. Jason's thoughts were the same but we were comforted to notice that he didn't have a fever. I still would have run him into the ER with my paranoia but Jason ran a few more tests (he's pretty handy to have around) and cleared him saying that he must have just slept funny. I still took him in to the doctor later that morning just to ease the paranoia that still had me but all I was told was to keep him home for the day, give him Motrin and let them know if he did get a fever. No fever ever came and the next morning he was feeling much better, though he did keep his head slightly cocked to the side for another day or two.

The whole thing just really made me think about how awful it would have been if he HAD been sick and how glad I am that we've been able to avoid those sorts of traumatic experiences. I don't deal too very well when my kids seem to be in pain. I've often been known to shed more tears than they do! So I am SO SO SO very thankful that they are both healthy and strong.

On the subject of health. The mystery of Kyle's sleepless nights has been solved, though it really shouldn't have been too very hard to figure out. Over a period of maybe 3 or 4 days Kyle managed to sprout not one but THREE teeth. He is growing up so fast, I really wish I could pause time a bit once and a while. Here's Kyle sporting a grin with his new pearly whites.
P.S. Kyle also had his first haircut yesterday but I haven't had a chance to take any pictures of him yet. He looks to different! I'm really going to have a hard time getting used to it. Just another bit of evidence that my baby is growing up.