Saturday, August 14, 2010


For those of you who heard the rumor but didn't believe it.... Here's Proof!!!
OK, don't look too closely because it's really not my best picture ever. But what do you expect, glamour shots?

This was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I had heard about his "Parade Race" but it was going to be 95% (plus a WHOLE LOT of humidity) so I wasn't sure I wanted to do it. I decided only a couple of hours before the race. So I wasn't completely prepared. You wan't to know my time.... I actually have no idea. It was only 2 miles and I'm pretty sure I made it under 30 minutes but they still haven't posted the results so I don't know for sure.

Ya, it wasn't great. It was my first race though, and I learned a LOT. Like, most importantly, don't drink water before the race because you might have to run into a gas station DURING the race and you might end up having to WAIT IN LINE! Leaving you at the very back of the pack for the remainder of the race.

The plus side to that is that I got this schnazzy picture taken of myself by some pro guy that was standing at the 1 mile mark. My friend commented that she was bummed she didn't have any pictures of herself. I told her it's a whole lot easier for him to take pictures of the slow people at the end. He had plenty of time to set up his shot, focus, yada yada, as I mozied past him at my snail pace.

I guess it made for a good memory and a great learning experience. I am actually totally Jazzed to do another one. This time a 5k and no gas station pit stops. I've been running 2 miles almost every morning but I think I want to start pushing myself more for speed. It won't be hard to beat my results from this race but I plan on blowing them OUT OF THE WATER!

Who'd have thought that I would find a new hobby at 27, let alone a CRAZY hobby like running. I used to make fun of the runners for being completely insane. Who would run on purpose! For fun!

Guess what... I do!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Running! I'm really not good at it at all (like, I'm a 12 minute mile person). But, I love how I feel after a race and I love how I feel after a jog. I wish we lived closer!