Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brothers and our broken table

Aren't my boys cute!
We did have a bit of a tragedy this morning though. Here's the backstory...

We have this really ugly kitchen table. It was given to us for our wedding 8 years ago. It was actually kinda cute at the time. We registered for it at Walmart. So you know it was quality, built to last. (said with just a tinge of sarcasm) It has taken a beating though, Koolaid stains, scrapes, or rather, GOUGES, scribbles from 2 year olds. We just ended up finally covering it with a table cloth. Then when we put our house on the market in Milwaukee Jason took a saw to it and cut off all the sides to make it smaller so that our kitchen would appear larger. More recently the chairs have started to actually fall apart. The seats have a tendency to sometimes slip through the chair dropping the sit-er down the middle like a toilet seat. Very embarrassing. We've been just giggling about it and sitting very carefully.

This morning though, the chair trap caught poor Zach. He was in the middle of telling all about Dumbo being taken away and missing his mommy when the seat fell through. The poor kid somehow actually ended up under the seat with a good sized scrape under his chin. If you look close enough in the picture above you can see his bandaid. He was a trooper though and after some cuddling, Tarzan, and a large sippy cup of chocolate milk and he's as good as new. (except for the bandaid)

I think it's time to get a new table! Or at least some heavy duty bolts to fix the chairs.

(I may or may not have shed a few tears right along with Zach. Mommy sympathy pains can sometimes be worse than the real thing)


The Gray Gang said...

How stinky. So, what has happened with your house? Have you sold it?