Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zoo trip

We were so excited to learn that there IS a zoo here in Springfield. It's just a small zoo but it's actually perfect for small kids. We can walk the whole thing pretty quickly and still have enough energy to play on the playground. Our old Milwaukee zoo pass was good at this zoo too so we hurried to check it out before our pass expired. So it was free for all of us! We love free!

We got to go with some friends from church and it was so cute to watch Zach and his new friend interact. They kept holding hands and running around as fast as they could go. Zach could not stop giggling.

I realize this picture is out of focus, but they were running so fast this was the best one I could get.
There is also a place at the zoo that you can feed the goats. Notice Zach's mouth open as wide as he can possibly open it? I have about 30 shots in a row with that exact same expression.
See! There it is again!
He obviously enjoyed himself. I think we'll have to go again.