Sunday, June 6, 2010


Once more we are doing this crazy thing of accumulating MORE as we are packing. I know... it's silly. This time, Jason was getting a little cabin fever. It's been great to have him home but he just needed to go somewhere so he and Zach jumped in the car and when they got home they had this. (And he got $10 off with multiple coupons! I'm so proud!)

I recommend clicking on the video and viewing through You Tube. Otherwise it cuts off the edge and you'll miss Kyle's Oh So excited facial expressions... LOL!

In case a translation is needed at all. After Kyle sneezed Zach said he needed a Kleenex. The end was my favorite. I almost turned the camera off but I'm so glad I caught him as he said, "Dump Truck Potty WAY COOL!" Priceless.

Now, I just hope it works.... More to come on that, but we'll be waiting till after the move.


Jeremy and Sarah said...

Hi there Teryn (and 3 boys). You have a really nice looking family. Congrats on your residency. I hope all continues to go well for you. Isn't being a Mommy the greatest?

Anonymous said...

Jason, Teryn...I am dying to hear how your move went, how you are liking your house and Springfield and how orientation is going...Katherine

Mixed Nuts said...

The dump truck potty video was soo cute. Thanks for sharing!