Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blessing Day

So, I'm WAAAAAAY behind but this is stuff I can't NOT blog right? I'm taking us back to May 22. It was kinda a crazy weekend since it was also Jason's graduation but we just decided to throw in one more thing, just to make it really interesting. It actually worked out perfectly because Jason's parents were there to celebrate with us. I was bummed because Zach got this huge party in Idaho but this time we just dressed up and invited the bishop over. Then I got to think about it and realized that the party wasn't the important part. It was the blessing itself and the fact that his dad was able to bless him and his Grandpa was able to be there as extra support.
I love this guy!
The grandparents, I'm SO glad they were able to stop by on their way home from Norway. It worked out so perfect.
A little family pic. See that foot being stuck into the air? Would you believe this was actually the BEST picture we were able to get? Out of like 50! I've decided that toddlers just don't DO family pictures.
And the MAN OF THE HOUR! Kyle Jason Gundersen Oh so handsome!