Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, the big day has come and gone. Jason is officially...

He was lucky to have some really great friends who supported him along the way.
That's right DR. GUNDERSEN. There'll be no living with him after this.
He'd just better not forget who else was there for him over the last 4 years.
BESIDES these goofy guys.
They are ALL doctors now. Watch out!
Awwwwww... He's so handsome!
Ya, I kinda like 'im
This guy does to. Though I'm not sure how keen he is on this weirdo hat.
We were so glad that Jason's parents were able to make it to graduation. They stopped here on their way home from Norway. Perfect timing!
I'm not sure I would have made it through graduation without them.
Here's the big moment!
That's right.... He made it! He's a doctor.
We're so proud. (Even the really sad one in my arms is actually very happy)
Ahhhh, binky's make everything better. Now how do we slow down a crazy 2 yr old long enough for a picture?
CONGRATULATIONS JASON! We're so proud of you!

(p.s. sorry for all the caps and exclamation points, I just couldn't stop myself!!!!!!!!!!! lol)