Friday, March 5, 2010

Most Fun Ever! (Or Literally "nesting")

So, yesterday wasn't so much of a crafty nesting day but it was definitely nesting. I disassembled and scrubbed down Zach's high chair, and did a bunch of scrubbing- floor, walls ect. AND, I finally found our shredder so I decided (randomly!) to shred the bag of papers we'd been collecting for the last few years. You know, bank statements and personal info stuff that we wanted to keep secure. I promise it wasn't THAT big of a bag but apparently when you shred paper it becomes about 100 times larger. I was trying to keep it all in the trash but little bits kept sneaking out and I noticed Zach thought they were pretty fun so I finally gave up, dumped it all out and we just went crazy with it.

We started out building a nest. (Get it: Literally nesting... in the title. LOL! SO clever right? ya whatever) But then it started to evolve and Zach really got into it.
Soon, he was burrowing into it and then Jumping out growling like some kind of swamp monster.
It was a non-stop giggle fest
Where did he go?
Ahhhh! Swamp monster!
Terrifying right?
After a little bit of him being the monster he insisted on burying me. He would carefully grab handfuls and cover me from head to toe and then I would jump out and he would just laugh and laugh. After that we buried his dinosaur who was "hiding" until Zach dug him out triumphantly only to "hide" him again. Needless to say, it was quite the adventure. My only regret is that I had vacuumed just before our adventure began, so I ended up having to vacuum twice- still well worth every second!

In other news, Zach has a new best buddy. We have been hearing about "ghost" ever since church on Sunday. Apparently, they learned about the Holy Ghost in nursery and Zach became obsessed. It's almost a week later and he still will stop randomly throughout the day to say "GHOST!" "Sky" and "Buddy" sometimes accompanied by "hug". At first he would "hide" from the "ghost" but I think we've convinced him that the Holy Ghost really is a nice ghost who is his friend. It's just funny how he could pick up on something like that and keep talking about it throughout the week. At least I know he's actually learning things at church!


Tami said...

See what a good mom you are? The rest of us wouldn't want to make the mess. Instead you made a fun memory for your darling little boy! He is really growing up, isn't he!