Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Felt House Along

So as yet another nesting activity I've joined a sew-along group at Fireflies and Jellybeans. I've seen these adorable houses online but never had the daring to take on building one myself but this blog gave me just the little extra push I needed to make it happen. You'll notice that I added a button on the left here to say that I'm a part of it. Now, I'm not sure it was quite the best idea to start such a project less than two weeks before our new addition is scheduled to arrive but HEY... Zach is gonna need some fun stuff.

The concept is that this little house will be all sewn together and floppy and then you just throw it over a card table and WA-LA the perfect playhouse.

I've already cut out the walls and the roof and now, following the guidance from F&J I am working on each wall. This last week was the front. I'm not a very good planner and I am TERRIBLE at visualizing how things will turn out so I cut out mock pieces so I could see how they would all fit together.
Then I adjusted them a bit and cut them out. I made the mailbox to look like Mailbox on Blue's Clues since that's the rage at out house right now. I plan on making it so that we can fit mail into it but I need YOUR help! Does anybody know how I could maybe make the little flag on the mailbox so that it can be twisted up or down? I thought that would be really cut but I'm just not sure how to pull it off.
I'm also not sure if I love the little brown roof piece over the door. It's supposed to tie it in with the brown roof but I'm not sure. I'm also planning on making this entire front panel with velcro on the edges instead of sewing it closed. That way we can open it up more and maybe I can even fit in for a party or something.

The next assignment comes out tomorrow so I'd better hurry to get this finished up quick! (Not to mention other stuff that could be happening any day.) Seriously though, I could really use some advice on the mailbox thing. HELP!


fawnda said...

The mail box is ADORABLE... I better not show my son... He LOVES blues clues and will want me to start all over.

As for the flag... you could just leave it unattached and then add Velcro... that way you could take it off and put it in whatever position you wanted... That is my only idea.

Also I like the roof over the door!!

Tami said...

CUTE!! I love seeing what you do! I vote yes on the roof over the door. And the only thought about the mailbox is making the main part like a pocket with the door of the mailbox being sewn at the top like a flap that hangs over the opening instead of being hinged on the bottom like a real one.
Hang in there these next couple weeks! Don't forget to keep blogging when you get another little person to take care of!!

Kelli said...

This is SO cute! I haven't done my front yet, so I MIGHT be stealing, er, borrowing your ideas. I LOVE the perspective on the mailbox! So clever. I think fawnda had a great suggestion with the velcro for the flag. Another idea would be to use a simple brad with velcro on the end to make it stay up or down. Then you still have a "hinge." Good luck with the next side! I can't wait to see what you do with it!