Sunday, February 28, 2010


Finally! I finished Zach's pillowcase. It was a little harder than I expected just because Zach was so possessive of his pillow, AND the fabric which he thought was a blanket. I couldn't ever get it away from him so that I could actually work on the darn thing. Every time I tried to grab his pillow to measure it (it's kinda a funky size) he would snatch it away and either lay down on the floor with it or take it all the way back up stairs to his bed where it belonged. Then I would pull out the fabric and he would snatch that away and wrap himself up in it as his blanket. I finally distracted him with the finished quilt instead and made a really rough pillowcase and fit it to his pillow later when he was busy playing with his dad. I made it extra long so the pillow wouldn't slide out too easily.
It's definitely looking like a big boy bed now!
This is a quilt I started for him in Idaho over the summer and finally finished just in time for his birthday in January. Hey! At least it didn't take 7 years like Jason's quilt.