Monday, February 1, 2010

2nd Year in Review

I mentioned earlier that I had been reviewing our old pictures for a project I wanted to work on for Zach. We were reading stories the other night and decided to go through our scrapbooks. I told him the stories associated with the pictures and he seemed to love every second. But, as I got to the end of my scrapbooking I realized I haven't scrapbooked a SINGLE page since Zach was born! Shameful! So I decided I would make a goal of documenting his stories. I used to be an avid scrap booker but parenthood obviously changed that for me. I have ended up with so many pictures I guess it was just overwhelming since my old style was to basically use every picture I could get my hands on. Then along came the digital age and the normal parental obsession with my child and I have ended up with WAY more pictures than you could possibly imagine. So, I had to start somewhere. My goal is to do one page for each month of Zach's 2nd year. (I'll get the first year later... I hope!) No more trying to cram as many pictures on a page as possible. I decided to just pick a few favorites and when I'm done I can go back and add to it. But this way I'll have a good documentation of his year instead of 15 pages in January and nothing after that.

SO, without further adieu (any idea what that really means?) I present

Zach wants to be just like his dad and heads straight for the stethoscope the moment Jason walks through the door.

Every kid has to have the bathtub Mohawk photo-shoot right?
MARCH 2009
The Gundersen's came by for a visit and Grandma walked Zach around our living room until he finally drifted off. Great trick for a wound up kid.
And all three. I am actually pretty excited about how they turned out. I know they aren't anything super fancy but I do still have 9 more to do and I'm kinda hoping to finish before I need to start on some pages for the next sibling.
Like I said, this nesting thing is producing some semi-random projects and it will be interesting to see what I actually do accomplish in the next few weeks. Sounds like Zach is waking up from his nap so my crafty time will have to be put on hold until his next sleep cycle. What should I work on next....