Sunday, July 26, 2009

Utah trip

Well, it's official! These are the telltale mountains that say... I'm IN UTAH! I just love them. I love the blue sky!

I love the brightly colored "weeds"
Warm weather is great for practicing our walking on nice green grass, with NO stickers!
We tried really hard (note the pursed lips) to make a wish but these are some tough wish-flowers. They would not fly away no matter how hard Zach tried.
We visited Karlee's cemetery and Zach was enthralled with all the beautiful flowers at each headstone. Especially this one with the pinwheel.
Zach and Grandma spent a good amount of time collecting rocks and when he realized she was throwing them back he quit giving them to her and brought them to me. I made a little pile and when it was time to go home he very carefully put each rock back where it belonged, one at a time. He even had to move one that had landed in the "wrong" spot before he would let us go home.
We played with sparklers on the 24th and Zach was quite nervous, but he was still really excited. Especially when his cousins would paint swirly pictures in the sky with them.
Today was Creed's farewell so we had some family pictures taken.
The menu... pumpkin, pumpkin, pumkin and MORE pumpkin. It's Creed's favorite.


Gretchen N' Some times Jeremy said...

Look Zach walking that is crazy! It so wierd to think that little Creed (or not so little any more) is going on a mission. Great pictures!

Tami said...

That sky is SO BLUE! Pretty photos. So cute about Zack and the rocks. He's such a boy! :)

Becky said...

I always missed the mountains when we were in Iowa. It just didn't feel quite right without them. I'm glad you got to spend time with your family.

That last picture of Zach is sooo cute. I cannot believe how much he looks like Jason in that picture.