Sunday, July 12, 2009

At The Beach

We headed to the beach today for a special treat. Partly because I had a really great idea for my entry in the photography challenge this weekend. The topic was "Line" and THIS is what I decided to use...
It doesn't look like much here but it's actually a shrunken version of a gigantic panaroma of 27 different pictures all stitched together. I loved how dramatic the clouds were- that's even SOOC! (that means no photoshop mom- lol)

We also took the opportunity to practice throwing rocks into the water while we watched the waves. Zack was totally enthralled and giggled histerically everytime the rock spashed into the water.
You can just see the ripples off to the right where the rock landed.
That's my uber-hot man hauling our little one away from the beloved waves. Tough guy right? I luv him!
Here I'm guessing he's showing Zach the correct form.
Then they let it fly!
Here's my 2nd place option for the challenge- in case I couln't figure out the photostitching.


Tami said...

GREAT photo for line. Your idea really worked. And thanks for the rock-throwing lesson. Your boys are so cute together! :)