Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growing up

Zach is growing up so much! His little sense of humor always has me laughing. This morning he started collecting these rings and stacking them on his arm. Then he would crawl around the living room giggling till one fell off. Then he would just slip it back on again and off he went.

He has also started comunicating fairly well considering he still refuses to learn any words. He will bring me his shoes and then point to his feet until I put them on. Then he will find his Jacket, and usually one of Jason's ties to bring to me. We don't really get out too much so maybe he's got cabin fever as bad as I do.

He signs please by frantically patting his chest and if he is hungry or thirsty he taps his lips with his pointer finger. We're not sure where he learned that one but it has helped him be a lot less frustrated when he can just tell us what's the matter.

He has also started climbing on things, anything he can find really. He's even pushed a box in from the living room so that he could climb up on it to get to a chair to get to the table. Ahhh! And he's not even walking yet.

He loves to read stories. Yesterday I was getting ready for the day and he brought me "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" a fun rhythmic ABC book. I think we read it at least three times. At the end there is a page that just shows all of the alphabet so I always sing it for him while pointing to each letter. This time, he took over "singing" at the top of his lungs as he pointed to various parts of the page. It made me laugh. I love his singing. Somehow it is just so BOY. I'm not quite sure how to explain it except to say it's more of a low wail/holler. We've actually had people turn around in church during the hymns because he almost sounds upset but he's smiling and he promptly stops when the song is over.

Oh! This picture I have of him above. He's wearing a 2T shirt! I just can't get over it. He's just not a baby anymore. He's a kid!


Tami said...

Darling picture of him! It's got to be nice to have a child that signs instead of throwing a fit when he wants something. 2T're right, he IS growing up fast. So weird to think that my baby is turning 18 on friday. Wow, when did THAT happen?! The nice thing is, though, that kids get older but us parents don't. ,)

Fork Lift Grandma said...

What a precious baby boy. He will always ben your baby boy, just wearing a bigger size! I'm so glad that you take time to read to him and play with him. You're a great mom!