Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Day

So, is this a desert OR...
Meatloaf and Potatoes!!!!
Zach got a kick out of it.

Then, he DUG IN!!!!
I didn't think he would get the joke but he laughed all the way through dinner as he dug into his cupcake meatloaf. Maybe he understands a whole lot more than I give him credit for?
Sadly, Jason didn't get home until late so he didn't get to be there to enjoy them with us. He did roll his eyes at me a bit when I reheated a couple for him when he got home.
p.s. I got the idea from U create
You can't really believe I'm that creative all on my own!


Kari said...

What a fun post! How hilarious. Thanks for sharing!