Thursday, December 18, 2008

Flyin' in and Airplane

"Flyin' in an airplane. Looking out the Window. Watchin' the clouds go by!""Flyin' in an Airplane. Looking out the window. Up so very high."Is it really sad that I actually know the Barney songs. Would it be even sadder if you knew I learned them even BEFORE our little munchkin came along?
Anyway, we have safely arrived in Idaho now and I am SOOOOO proud of this little guy. I tell you what- he was an angel. Even though we got him up at 4:30 am, he was pleased as punch.

We got this DVD player the day after Thanksgiving and OF COURSE- popped in Toy Story and Zack was thrilled.

We had 2 long flights and a layover and Zach didn't cry at all! I was so excited. Last time when we flew to AZ he was a mess. He was younger then and just didn't under stand. This time, I was smart enough to ask the flight attendants if there were any open rows and there were. We sat in the very last row of the plane both times and we were able to spread out and relax. Zach also loved sticking his face against the window as we landed.
Unfortunately, our flights back home are full so we'll have to be a bit creative. That's OK though. We are just so happy to be here spending time with family. Zach just misses his dad! Everybody pray for good weather the 23rd OK? We don't want to wait any longer than we have to.


Andrea said...

I'm glad it went so good! Those aerial shots look really cool!

Melissa B said...

Looks like fun! We will be going through Idaho on the 24th! What part of Idaho are you in?

Leslie said...

Isn't it fun to travel with little buddies? I love the pic of Zach holding on to the headphones. How did you teach him to keep them on his ears? Oh, and I like your hair; Jason did a good job.