Saturday, December 6, 2008


First off, I do have to clarify. My "hairstylist" of a husband has ZERO experience with actual hair- styling. He does cut his own hair on occasion but NEVER does he attempt the "insane" practice of hair-dying. In fact he thinks it's pretty silly that I even consider such a thing. The only way we were able to make it through our adventure was by several phone calls to our true hair "connection"- Jason's Cousin Heather. THANK YOU HEATHER!!! I was pretty nervous but I think Jason was even more. He's pretty protective of my hair.

Anyway- it's been a while since we had an update so here we go....

Zack is crawling pretty well now. He climbs all over me if I lay on the floor with him. He also seems to think being trapped under a laundry basket is great fun. He crawled around the room with it over his whole body like a turtle's shell.

This improvement in crawling abilities has translated into some trouble at nap time. He can now sit up on his own and I often find him on his knees in his crib hanging on to the side for dear life- not quite sure how to get back down and definately no where near sleeping. Yesterday, he was quiet so I thought he had fallen asleep. Suddenly the monitor started beeping at me that it's signal had been lost and so I went up stairs to see what had happened. This is what I found;

Yep, doesn't he look like a good little boy ready to take his nap? No? More like he's really proud of his little accomplishment right? He's trouble, I can tell.

His next accomplishment was finally figureing out how to stand up on his own. He's still not very stable and is at risk for tumbling at any moment (we learned that the hard way). This is what finally motivated him to get to his feet.

We had just pulled out our Christmas decor and this is a nativity set that Grandma Gundersen gave us several years ago. I think it's becoming one of his favorite toys.

Finally, winter is in full force here in wisconsin. I've gotten into the habit of shoveling snow every morning when Zack first lays down for his nap. Yuk! Boy what I wouldn't have given for a snow blower today- my goodness! We got a good amount. Actually, It was pretty light and fluffy though so it was easy to shovel. I wish it would always be so fluffy. I'm actually really excited for the snow. It's so beautiful. This is the tree just outside our back door.


Melinda said...

I love that nativity! Someday...

Isn't it so fun to watch them learn? Zack's new mobility is cute.

Andrea said...

nice snow pic! I want it framed on my wall.

Lisa said...

Zack is growing so fast!!