Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things I can do...

  1. I can finally sit up all by myself. Mom doesn't even have to hover anymore. I do get frustrated when I get put in my bouncer and car seat though. I try my hardest to sit up tall but those darn buckles keep me down.
  2. I love baby food. Mom started me with peas because they were her least favorite and she wanted to get them out of the way. Then we moved on to green beans, then carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes. After I mastered my veggies I got to try applesauce, peaches, prunes, bananas, and pears. The surprise to mom was that even though she thought peas would be my least favorite, I love them! As it turns out, my least favorite food is pears.
  3. I have started to say da-da-da-da. I can even carry on an entire conversation with mom. Just don't try to put me on the phone. I would much prefer to push the buttons or slobber on it.
  4. I can roll over.... sort of. There is a lot of grunting and whining involved but it can be done!
  5. I go to sleep all by myself!!! Mom is pretty excited. She's hoping that it's a step toward sleeping through the night. I do require a static sound in the background and a sheet to cuddle, but it's much better than needing mom (not dad) to rock me to sleep.

See how much I've grown up!!!!


Andrea said...

very cute! hey how did you do the blogger updated blogs? I would like to know when people update their blogs so i don't have to check them all the time.

Jeremy & Gretchen said...

wow! I have missed so much. I am so glad for siber space so now I can see all the new and exciting things in your life!