Monday, March 5, 2012


Winter has been so strange this year, with barely any snow. When we headed for Idaho to celebrate Norwegian Christmas we had hoped to find mounds of snow just waiting to be shaped into numerous snowmen. Unfortunately, rain came just before we arrived and melted all the snow away. Luckily, my grandparent's cabin in Island Park was able to fulfill the boy's wishes to build a snowman. Or as Kyle would say, "NOWMAH!".

The snow wasn't snowman snow by any means and it was virtually impossible to make it stick together. I was worried they would be disappointed but we were fortunate to find a partially made snowman just waiting for us to put on the final touches. The bottom two snowballs had been placed and a large, oddly shaped chunk of ice happened to be lying nearby. I smooshed the final piece in place and then the boys helped me add a plastic carrot for the nose and a few small rocks as eyes. 
 They were thrilled to say the least. Overjoyed and so proud to have finally built the "Perfect" snowman. (Thank you so much to whoever the person was to half built it for us. I really don't think we could have managed it on our own.)